Hope for Orphans: Transforming Lives Together!

Hope for Orphans: Transforming Lives Together!

We are thrilled to share progress from our campaign to sponsor 200 orphans in Gaza and Syria. With your incredible support, we’ve already reached 20 orphans as a first phase of this project, providing them with vital financial aid.


Highlights from Gaza:


Shams’s Journey: At just nine, Shams dreams of journalism amidst her challenging life in the camps. Her endless stories and radiant smile are testaments to the hope your support brings.

A Grandfather’s Gratitude: Mr. Hussein, caring for his grandson Anas after a recent tragedy, extends his deepest thanks to you. Your help has lightened his heavy burden.

Omar’s Resolve: Twelve-year-old Omar, wise beyond his years, now recognizes the brotherhood and support stretching across continents.


Experience Their Stories: Watch how your donations make a difference:



The joy and resilience of these families, despite their hardships, are inspiring. They know they have brothers and sisters worldwide supporting them, which brings indescribable joy.


Thank you for enabling us to bring not only aid but also hope and joy to these incredible souls. Your support is creating bright futures and deep gratitude.


Warm regards,


UMUT Organization Team

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