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UMUT International Charitable Organization is a non-profit organization duly licensed in Turkey and under the management of associations in the state of Mersin

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“ Support the Needs of 100 Orphans in Northern Syria “

Support the basic necessities of 100 orphans in northern Syria for a month for $35! Your sponsorship will help provide them with social care, psychological support, and educational guidance.

“ Keep 500 Displaced Syrian Families Warm In Winter “

Join us in our campaign to provide warmth and protection for the displaced population in northern Syria. With your support, we aim to supply winter clothing, heating materials, and essential supplies to help families endure the harsh winter conditions in their makeshift camps.

“ Sponsorships for 200 Orphans In Gaza And Syria “

The idea of the project is to support 100 orphan children in the Gaza Strip and 100 others in northern Syria on three levels: 1- A monthly sum of money paid to the orphan. 2- Supporting the orphan and providing his seasonal needs, such as holidays, school opening times, and the winter season. 3- Follow up on the orphan periodically psychologically and provide him with moral support through periodic visits and organizing activities such as trips and competitions.

“ Bread Sponsorship For 1,000 Families In Gaza. “

The need for the basics of life is increasing in the Gaza Strip, and the most important of these needs is bread. The project's goal will be to provide bread monthly to 1,000 families, at a rate of 250 families each week, to cover the largest possible number of afflicted families.

“ Buy new clothes for 200 Syrian orphans north Syria “

With the deterioration of the economic conditions in Lebanon and Syria, the priority of families fleeing the war in Syria has become to secure water and food, while neglecting the children's need for joy in new clothes. Therefore, this project will target the most affected and poorest group of families and provide new clothes for their children. This project will provide new clothes for 200 Syrian orphans in the camps of Lebanon and northern Syria.

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We are thrilled to share progress from our campaign to sponsor 200 orphans in Gaza and Syria. With your incredible support, we’ve already

  • Admin
  • أبريل 28, 2024

Thanks to your generous donations, Umut Organization was able to implement the first phase of the (Bread Sponsorship For 1,000 Families In

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  • أبريل 28, 2024
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